Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Frisco Cross

This past weekend was the double-header that they call Frisco-cross. I always try to make it up for both days, because the course, the scenery, the competition and the vibe are all usually pretty awesome. But sometimes the drive and/or the weather conspire to beat the motivation out of me. When I got up there on Saturday, the weather was awesome, and I was bummed that I didn't bring both bikes, so I could do the double-header, and then not feel bad if I bailed on Sunday. But I was just there for the singlespeed race...

The race went fine... started out hard, crested the "actual climb" at the start in first place, and never looked back... riding on for the win. It was a pretty fun course, and tricky to keep the momentum smooth and fast on the singlespeed. Not to mention picking the right places to pass the Cat3s so that it wouldn't spoil your movement. I love when they have that fast 4 or 6 pack of barriers... more races need those!

Oh what the hell... it only took 1.5hrs to get there, Scotty Borque and Tim Assor do an awesome job setting up the course and the race, LG was on the mic, and I'm not racing this coming weekend... I might as well head back up for some more fun on Sunday I figured. This time I was taking both bikes though, even though it was likely to kill me. The Open race started ridiculously fast thanks to Chuck, crushing it at the start. From then on it was constant chase mode, fighting the ugly headwind and going cross-eyed on the climb every lap racing at 9k feet. I came apart a bit with 3 laps to go and got caught by a few, but I didn't push overly hard knowing I had another race coming.

By the time the singlespeed race came, it was colder, with more clouds, and of course, more wind. We started out relatively sane, but I knew right from the start I was on the limit and the legs were burning, so I was happy to follow most of the first lap. I had a better line going down the steep drop though, used it and dropped to first going through the line the first time. Soon I was back to second though, and that was the best I was going to do. Of course, I had to keep it drilled as much as I could, since D-Strong had me in his sites and wasn't about to let up. 90% of the race looked like this with D-Strong close behind;

I tried to escape with 2 to go, but he came back again. Going into the run-up I knew he'd accelerate quicker than me, and that I had to be in the front going into the barriers since he was hoping them on his mountain bike (cheater!)... so I ran a bit further to carry the speed after the run-up, and then totally fucked my remount. Doh! Derek was gone like a shot, I was cooked, and I wasn't going to bring him back. Still on the podium though, and a little motivation to make D-Strong hurt a little more next time! Really, it was a good race with him, and I definitely hate it during the race, but he kept me honest the whole time, working as hard as my legs would allow and forcing me to keep the lines as smooth as possible.

Seth... reportedly... is still alive and out there in the big wide world. He put me onto this story of the milk protests in Europe, with an awesome photo gallery.

Let's face it... Americans just don't have the moxie to protest like this - shooting fresh cow-juice straight at the cops in full riot gear, burning tires, clogging streets with tractors, showering everyone around with fresh straw... Nah, we're too busy hiding in our own houses, because we have a fever and jeebus! What if it's Swine Flu!? Where's my anti-bacterial soap!? What do you mean Swine Flu is actually a virus!?

Lupus? Is it Lupus!?

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