Friday, October 2, 2009

Roller Derby and Singletrack

It was a rough, getting home from the Interbike trip at 2am, but good to see Jessica, be back in my own bed, and actually have a full weekend ahead of me to purge out the Vegas toxins. After a slow start, the legs did their convincing that I shouldn't really go down to Louisville for the cross race. But it was awfully nice out, so I still got out for a singletrack ride on the cyclocross bike, which was really, really nice. Good to pedal some circles after all the walking (and drinking) in Vegas.

On my way out though, I noticed that the winter-winds had crushed one of the big trees that was on the list for coming down this year. Good... that thing was huge, and was going to be a pain. But it was in the road as well, so I had to chop it back before the neighbors got all bent.

Luckily it didn't take too long to at least get the offending bits out of the road, because it was time for us to meet some friends down at the Denver Roller Dolls match! Woo hoo! We were there plenty early, and got our trackside seating.

The Bad Apples killed it again... though it got way too close for comfort at the end.

The highlight was the halftime show though, when Jessica and Brittainy were chosen to compete in a little halftime racing;

The ladies on the start line;

Jessica "drove" first;

Then it was Brittainy's turn... hands on the wheel Brittainy!

And of course, no visit to the roller derby is complete, until you make sure the newbies get a chance to meet Dumptruck... this time it was Jill's turn;

Somehow I still had the energy to get out Sunday morning for 3 hours on the singlespeed mountain bikes with Fitch. But it was well worth it! The weather was awesome, the leaves colorful, and the trails fairly quiet. Plus it was awesome to ride the SS mountain bike, which I hadn't done in quite some time.

Of course, all it did was make me itch again, to build a nice, tricked-out SS mountain bike...

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