Thursday, October 1, 2009

Interbike Dump

Last week Jesse, Brittainy and I bolted for good ol' Vegas, to catch the Interbike show. After a few years away, and another few years saying "Man, I should have gone", I decided to bite the bullet and take the opportunity to hit the show again. Unfortunately, it was a real bummer that Jessica wasn't able to make it because of work. But other than that, the trip started off well... we left Denver with 42 degrees and rain, with all of 11 passengers and 4 flight attendants for our flight to 83 degrees and dry, Las Vagas. And once we were settled with our room, it was right out for the usual Vegas activities!

Saw this on the counter as we were picking up some beverages... seemed perfect for a trip to Vegas! The new 4-day supply of Extenze in the easy-serve, fast acting liquid... in "Big Cherry" flavor no less;

And also had to see the usual Vegas sites, like the water show;

We stayed at the Excalibur this time, which was just fine... no complaints. Excellent price, along with a free upgrade and some free drink coupons;

Always funny to see the New York skyline across the street;

Unfortunately the Excaliber is on the far end of the strip from the Convention Center, but it wasn't a big deal since we just went down to the valet who had our rental car waiting for us each morning; our shiny Phantom Drop-top;

Wednesday morning was a tough start to the show though, with the vast quantities of liquids consumed the evening before, but luckily (one of the reasons we chose the Excaliber) the hotel had a Krispy Kreme right on the premises. Plus, once we got to the show, Jesse and I picked up our escorts that were there to help show us around;

...and Brittainy got her escort as well (I think we did better)

Brittainy quickly upgraded though, and upgraded her choice to none other than Bobke, complete with Black Sabbath tour shirt.

One of the first things that caught my eye at the show, wasn't even a bike... but rather a real live GT40 race car;

But, as the rumors would tell you, there were actually bikes there. And I'm not just talking about the retarded hipster fixies that I think every booth had at least one of, regardless of whether it was related to their display or any products they were hocking. One of my favorite moments at the show, was watching some dude in his girlfriends skinny-jeans and Pete Wentz haircut, trying to snap the best possible picture of a Colnago fixie... completely oblivious to the limited production Colnago-Ferrari CF7 immediately next to him. But I digress... there were a lot of sweet bikes that caught my eye. Like the Tony Martin time trial bike, complete with Di2 group, which was awesome;

Storck had their TT bike which has had a serious buzz about it, and it really was a sweet looking set up. A TON of attention to the details. There are so many TT bikes out there, that make me crazy because they have all these little gimmicks - that I just don't see being aero at all. This wasn't one of them;

Pelizotti had a couple bikes at the show, but his Polka Dot bike from the tour was the best looking one;

This dude comes across as a real douchebag. And the first pictures of this special bike looked as douchey as him, but in person, it really was a much sweeter looking ride! Though just remember... I know lots of tools that ride really cool bikes...

I think my real bike-crush from the show though... besides maybe that Storck, had to go to the new Look 596 TT bike.

The matching track bike was unreal, but of course, completely too much bike for nearly everyone, especially on our little track here... but gorgeous in it's combination of technology and simplicity.

Some quick blurbs about things that caught my eye and didn't seem to be complete marketing BS...
- Metrigear is trying to bring some awesome looking power meters to the market. Awesome all around... clean and light and simple. I really liked how the gauges were able to individial measure also any lateral, wasted energy you were putting into the pedals.
- It's been a year and a half that I've been crushing on the Bont A-one shoes, especially knowing how awesome their skate boots are. I was pumped to see they had a booth there, and even better, shoes to try on. Simply awesome... some should be on the way shortly!
- Di2... yeah, it's retarded-expensive, but I am telling you right now... don't even think about test riding it, unless you are ready to put down the money for a groupo. It's completely UNREAL. Worlds better than expected, and there's going to be a real future with this stuff. The biggest reason I don't have a set already on order (besides that whole cash-thing) is because I know it will completely ruin me for any other groupo. Shifting with cables and levers will feel completely stone-age within a week. Seriously, it's awesome.
- The Alchemy rear hub - finally got to see and play with it. As insanely smooth and free-running as the front hub. Should be an awesome product - once it's finally, officially a product.
- The updated Easton TT wheels are sweet... really sweet. Other than that whole bit with the ridiculously sized graphics. I had to step back 10 feet, so I could read what they said.
- Eddy Merckx - totally got his autograph on a great poster. This one needs to get framed for the house. Unfortunately, way more impressive than the EM bikes this year.

Definitely fun to be back at the show, and I'm sure I'll babble more about some stuff that caught my eye, especially since I know you can't rely on Velonews for any substance on the topic (Seriously!? WTF? Who cares?). It took a few days to recover from the effort of interbike, but more to catch up on soon!

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