Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fatty Tuesday

Friday Jessica and I ran home early, since some professional carpet installers were coming to (obviously), install carpet. There were two guys, and nine teeth, that came to install carpet. But you don't need dental hygiene in order to install carpet, and the room came out pretty sweet!

Saturday, I went down to Golden to meet up with Craig and do a bike ride. We were going to be moving furniture later, so definitely had to get the ride out of the way early. I had hoped for the best, but the weather definitely didn't work for us. It was cold, but manageable... but it was the wind that convinced us to head to lunch early. Especially after getting sand-blasted a few times, and riding through drifts on the bike path. Ugh.

Sunday the weather was worse, but I ended up getting in a great ride at the Velodrome. We had a great, high-powered, small group, and I got to ride nice and hard for a good hour. The track seems to somehow be a great place to go hard enough, that you start to wonder what would happen if you blacked out from the effort!

I finally got to check out Archer, the new show from Adam Reed and Matt Thompson, the same pair that created my favorite show, Frisky Dingo. And man, it's definitely funny. A lot of similar humor to Frisky Dingo, so I'm going to have to get caught up with the episodes. Still bummed that Frisky Dingo didn't go beyond Season 2.

8 freakin' degrees yesterday morning, and 6 freakin' degrees this morning when I left the house. That's just ridiculous. I'm definitely done with winter... Though the coyotes didn't mind, as they were out and about this morning, patrolling their usual area. I wasn't fast enough for a good picture of the first pair, but I sorta caught this guy;

Only Tuesday and the weekend feels so far away...

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