Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Go West Young Man... then come back and paint

A very busy, but good weekend. Friday afternoon Jessica and I hopped into the car, to head west to go visit H&D in Glenwood Springs. Perfect day for driving, with good weather, and way ahead of the evening ski traffic, so we made it in great time. After helping set-up for Danielle's baby shower, we left the girls to party and went out for some "man-time" on the town. We had some manly errands to run, and ended up at Lowe's Hardware, where I came across the latest case of ridiculousness; the single-use, disposable plunger.

Because... as Harry so nicely put... "I don't want my toilet water, touching my other toilet water". And in case you were wondering, a single disposable plunger costs the same as an "old fashioned" reusable plunger which lasts what? 35 years? And going by the flimsy design of the disposable, you aren't going to get any truly stubborn pipe-clogging turds dislodged from your plumbing.

And to think that I thought antibacterial binder, file folders, or pens were bad enough...

Anyway... back to the trip. Our second stop was at the toy store, because Harry put me onto the new AirHog Sharpshooter helicopter. I've been meaning to get a mini-copter, and couldn't resist this one, with good reviews, and of course, most importantly, real missles that fire at your command!

Oh yeah, and it looks like Airwolf just make things that much better. Yes... I'm already starting to look at ways to customize it, to shave some weight and add maneuverability to it. I did find one guy that modified the rockets, adding needles to the tips of course.

After shopping, we hit the Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company, always a pretty good stop. I had the special draft, which was a barleywine, but I have to say, it was pretty bland, and tame for barleywine. Not a ton of flavor, but given that, it was more drinkable than a typical barleywine. Beer, beer and more beer, made for an early morning, since we had to get up at 6am and bolt back to Denver for Jessica's first day of play rehearsal. But on the exit for "Federalis Blvd" from I70, we were greeted with this awesome display of airbrushing on the back of a mini-van. That's right, an air-brushed baby-portrait.

Saturday evening and all day Sunday we worked on our remodel of the entertainment room. I pretty much hate painting, and I'm always ready to just have things finished up. Didn't much matter though, since the weather was crap all day on Sunday, and Monday too, with freezing temps and snow.

At least it made for a winter wonderland of snowy whiteness this morning;

I don't think summer is coming anytime soon, with nothing but cold in the forecast. It's getting harder and harder to ride the trainer...

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