Friday, February 5, 2010

Now it's February

Another week drawing to a close. It hasn't been snowy, but it definitely hasn't been warm either. Jessica and I have been busy working on redecorating our entertainment room, so that's been taking a fair amount of energy... with way more to come, I'm sure! But we'll get a short break today as we head out to the Western side to visit Harry and Danielle since it's time for Danielle's baby shower. Should be a fun little trip, though I wish we could stay longer.

The majority of the riding has been indoors lately, and the Thursday afternoon track days have been a lot of fun. Gotta love getting in a killer workout, in the middle of the work day, regardless of the weather! This past Saturday evening we got some track time for the team too. First a little meeting about next year, and then an open track where I squeezed in a bit over 2 hours. Including an hour where I had the track all to myself! Dejan even showed up to take some pictures and play around with flashes on the nighttime track.

With the track to only 5 of us, we had a lot of room to play with, and Chuck ran us through some practice on hand-slings. They were pretty fun, and definitely exciting on a crazy-short 142m track!

Round and round I went...

Speaking of next year... things are coming together for the Subaru Groove Auto team. That's right, a slight change of name, a couple changes in sponsorship, and we've added a couple real power-houses to the line-up. It should be an awesome year. A sneak peak at the sled for next season;

We'll be sporting the Blue AC1SL frameset, with Shimano components and wheels, TRP brakes, Selle San Marco saddles and Continental tires. Should be an awesome bike, and I can't wait to get it in my sweaty little hands for the build-up! More team info sure to be leaking out soon...

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