Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Isn't Winter Over Yet!?

Another couple days of snow and single digit temps had me seriously on the verge again this weekend. So Saturday I decided to see how much coffee I could drink, and I started the day off, with a visit to Seth's for the first coffee... and fried chicken, fried egg on a ranch biscuit;

It was fricken delicious as is, but next time I need to dig deeper, and add bacon and hot sauce to that bad boy.

For the day I ended up with something like 3 espresso shots, a cup of drip, a cup of chai, a medium drip from Krispy Kreme and a large crappy something from Starsluts.

To round out the day, a big ol' group of us gathered up at Cru Wine Bar in Denver for our belated "Baby Jeebus birthday dinner" and to celebrate the first night of Restaurant Week. Food was pretty awesome - had the calamari appetizer, herb chicken entree and apple crostini for dessert. The wine though, was pretty "meh".

It made for a late night on Saturday, but it didn't matter much, since Sunday was just more of this shit all day;

Too cold, pretty much useless, snow.

I have a good 250 days or so of waiting, but the only thing on my mind right now is the eventual swimming pool I'll be sitting in, enjoying the view over the bay and nearby islands.

...if I survive that long! In the meantime, I came across this view, a webcam overlooking Boulder Creek and part of the bike path. It's a shame it only updates every 30 seconds, since that is going to make the bum-fights look really "notchy".

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