Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lent and Shit

Don't forget Lent started yesterday. So like most years, I've given up religion for 40 days and 40 nights as my penance. I just hope that's good enough to get me into heaven, where I can meet plenty of people that I definitely don't know already. In other words - you're all going to hell.

Speaking of giving shit up, VeloSnooze really, really, really wants me to stop reading their website (do they still even have a magazine?). If the recent horrific update to their site, which averages 16 advertisements per page, seemingly giving me an unique combination of touretts and seizures wasn't enough, they might have done it with this article.

To paraphrase the article, they're saying this (most likely overpaid) dude Darcy Norman came up with the idea of using ice baths and core-strength training to help cyclists. How long have people been using ice batchs after hard efforts? Two? Three? Freaking centuries!? And that Cavendish is likely a great sprinter since he is so inflexible. Unfortunately, Cavendish can't get over the mountains since he rides his bike less than he should, when his back is sore from being the platform for his tight sprinting muscles.

I have to agree with Jesse who pointed out that he blames Chris Carmichael for crap like this. After he convinced everyone that he is the reason Lance is fast, and is the one behind all of his training and performance gains.

But to be fair, in the big picture, there are much bigger douche bags out there.


Elgee said...

That's a good post

糟糕啦 said...

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