Thursday, April 22, 2010


Shiny new toy last weekend! So I've mostly been in the garage building up team bikes... and riding a bit. Only a bit though, since literally as soon as I took the bike out of the stand on Saturday, it started pouring down rain. It was hardly a nice day to begin with.

Oh well... at least Saturday was Bonnie's birthday celebration, so we were heading off to the Roller Dolls roller derby match. Jessica was feeling artistic and made an awesome sign for the occasion;

And even better, the sign and the group ended up on the video screen several times;

Later on "Nacho-Dumptruck" was up in the stands and took some time for a photo with Seth;

Sunday the sun was actually out, and it was a nice day for a change! I was able to start getting rid of my "knee-warmer tan" and went out to the Louisville Crit. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my legs along, so the race mostly sucked.

After a busy weekend, and some hiking on Monday, Tayler was wiped-out and ready to catch up on her sleep!

Typical Springtime in Colorado... 75 degrees one day, socked-in with rain the next day, thunderstorms, hail, more sunshine, 60+mph winds, and now snow down to 7000 feet in the forecast, along with tornados and golfball size hail in the plains, for the next couple days. There was some crazy hail on the way home last night, and then we had thunderstorms rolling through until at least 1.30am. Crazy.

But I don't care... it's time to blow town for a few days...