Thursday, April 15, 2010


I was playing with some bike parts (as usual) last night, and the "industry" is just making me insane. I mean with all the different sponsors, sponsoring all the different riders how often do the manufacturers actually ask people what works, or what they'd like to see changed? I mean, isn't that a big reason manufacturerrs would want to sponsor riders and teams? Granted, too many riders have less of an idea of what they want, or how they'd change a product, and the manufacturers don't listen anyway. I've definitely given feedback during the development of new products in my time, as well as feedback on how existing products could be improved.

And yet almost ZERO times is the advice taken. But you know, it's also related to the fact that a lot of manufacturers don't really care, or do want to pay to make the changes or they just go to the Taipei show. There they can shop around for components, and determine which one has the best margins, while still providing enough room for their brand decals that they put on the product before blathering on about how they "developed" this ground breaking new product. Don't get me wrong, Taiwan makes some incredible products, and actually have manufacturing techniques that are impossible here. It's when you claim you developed a product, when you really just picked a SKU# out of a catalog and had your decals applied, that makes me nuts.

Sorry, just ranting after some ridiculous products, and some trips to local bike shops looking for products that should be commonplace.

Though, if you actually listened to some customers, you'd end up with products like this phenomenal computer mount, fabricated by a customer of Jesse's.

Definitely the best computer mount of all time. I mean, how do you not love a computer mount that includes soldering? Thanks for making sure to take pictures Jesse!

In the meantime, the bits and pieces for the team bikes are starting to show up, and maybe, sometime soon, the team will be on shiny new aero road bikes!

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