Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cult Cross Rocks

Last weekend I (finally) cleaned up the cross bikes, threw them in the car and pointed everything West. It was time for the beginning of cyclocross season! Probably my favorite spring race, it was time for third edition of Cult Cross in Eagle. Friday evening it was cold, yet the sun was out in Eagle, and I made it out early enough to stop and stretch my legs for a few laps on the course. I also needed to make sure my legs still would turn in circles, since I had been sick, and had approximately zero miles in my legs. Uh oh. The course was looking pretty awesome though! An awesome mix of fast, leg-sapping grass, technical sections, rocky downhills, bridges, and whoop-dees. It was looking pretty sweet!

After just a teaser of some riding, I jumped back in the car and continued on, since I was spending the weekend with Harry and Danielle... and now Nate! Yep, a new little boy for those two. I say "little", but at almost 3 weeks, I think the boy is nearly as big as me already!

Saturday morning it was chilly and "moist" in New Castle, but gotta be sunny in Eagle, right? Actually, the weather really wasn't too bad, though it was very windy, and definitely colder. Brr. First up, the single speed race.

It went pretty well considering I hadn't been on the bike, and definitely hadn't riden the SS cross bike at all! I also definitely didn't feel "awesome" so was happy to follow wheels for the first 2 laps, before attacking a bit. I wanted to just get a gap, and hopefully hold it, floating at that level of going just hard enough to not destroy myself in the process. It worked pretty well, and I held on for the win.

Though predictably, it was getting colder with more wind in time for the Open race, including the occasional snow squall blowing through every 25 minutes or so;

Sick, tired and freezing cold is never a good start for me in a race, but the course and the atmosphere was just way too fun to say no. So we started the race in another miserable squall. I mostly just rode around in that race, trying to remember that I had a bike with gears, until the second snow squall came through, and I was nearly ejected off my bike by the wind at that point. I was doing more harm than good to the ol' body, so I bailed on the race, cheered for a minute or two, and then hit off for a warm shower and a nap.

Once again, another awesome race put on by LG! Incredible crowd of people, all there to race, have fun, and enjoy all the suffering of cyclocross in the spring. With all the people that "live" for cyclocross out there, there should be more of them at this race. No one cares if you're at the top of your fitness, it shouldn't matter that it's not fall... don't waste your time on LSD rides, take the short drive to a cool little town and push that heartrate up.

I can only hope that LG is already planning for next year. I know I am.

The rest of the weekend was pretty cool, chilled with the Bergers, and then back early on Sunday for a Zombie-Jeebus dinner with the family.

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