Thursday, April 1, 2010

Don't be a Fool

I hate April Fools Day... it would be fine, if it weren't for all the retarded websites and "newspapers" that find it necessary to write "comical" fake stories to trick their readers. Then of course there are the forums all over the interwebz where people either a. believe the stories, or b.) feel the need to repost the stories, as if the other people on any given forum, aren't reading the same news-sources. Though this year, I'm really torn, trying to figure out whether the Velosnooze article about David Millar actually winning the overall at De Panne. - I'm guessing it's real, because otherwise I imagine there would have been a story about Millar tossing his bike, or stopping at the finish line in protest.

Last Friday was our "Spring Break", a total of one freebie day off work. But that's okay, I took advantage, and went up to Eldora for some snowboarding for the day. Unfortunately Jessica had to work, so it was just me all day. But I got in 4.5hrs nonstop, and I had some fresh snow to play with. That was pretty fun, maybe I'll actually go again.

Saturday I hung out at home, until it was time to go out with the boys and hit up Arenacross at the Colesium. I wasn't thinking, and missed that the crowd watching was pretty much second only to a WWF match! Unfortunately, my camera battery was beat! Bummer. But the racing was pretty entertaining, along with an endless stream of people-watching.

Sunday was "sick-day" and I barely managed to get off the couch, even for enough food and drink to sustain myself. The snow was melting pretty good early this week though, and I think we had one of the best "roof-curls" ever.

Yesterday was Neo's 9th birthday though! Tayler's is close enough too, so for the last two years, we've just combined them, and made a fun trip for the whole family. It's not often that Tayler gets to come down to town, so she has a blast. And was quite well behaved in Pet Smart. Neo picked out a frisbee and a football, and then we were back in the car to head over to Dairy Queen.

Neo about to chomp his cone...

Last year was Tayler's first cone, and it took forever to convince her that it was tasty, and that she was allowed to actually eat it. Not so this time, as I think it was gone in 4 giant bites!

That Tayler... she just plain cracks me up.

Tomorrow I'm off to New Castle to visit the Bergers, and Nate, the new little nephew! Should be awesome. Plus I'll be racing the Cult Cross race, the sweetest cross race of the year! I cleaned the cross bikes Tuesday night, and it was almost a bummer - it felt like I was getting them ready for a fresh season of cross races. I guess... the CultCross races, ARE the first cyclocross races of the year!

So really, if you're thinking of racing at all... bail on that goofy Koppenberg race, and come out to support one of the coolest races all season. Everything would be perfect... if I just wasn't still sick, and probably getting ready to completely stink up the race course on Saturday. Totally dissapointing, because I'd love to ride well at such a sweet race! Not to mention the potential mud, is quite likely to destroy what little power I have. Better put a short gear on the SS.


Elgee said...

Brian, thanks AGAIN for the support yesterday and nice throw down on the SingleSpeed! Hope you had fun, everyone up here always digs seeing you at Cult Cross! The race was a huge success for me this year, it's on for 2011 for sure. You racing Brighton next weekend?

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