Friday, April 9, 2010

Wheels, Huffing and Strip Clubs

Spring means new bike toys. Lately it's been wheels. I build up this sweet set for a friend, using the 30mm KinLin rims in white, Sapim CX-ray spokes, and the new C4 Ceramic hubs. A perfect crit wheelset! A bit aero, and just 1450grams, plus they just plain look pimpy.

The only problem with those wheels, is that I built them after gluing 9 PAIRS of tubulars... so I'm quite certain I lost some brain cells with that job! A bunch of the wheels are for the team bikes, and they look pretty sexy all thrown together in the same room.

I glued up my TT wheels as well, including a sweet new front TT wheel from Easton that I spent all winter lusting over. Of course, I haven't gotten to ride it yet, but it sure looks fast... and skinny!

Another pic from CultCross, going over one of the two bridges on course, taken by Dan Davis, who did a phenomenal job with the pics for the day.

Speaking of CultCross again, there was a great article in CX-Magazine where LG was interviewed on the race. Specifically how difficult things can be for a true grassroots race organizer, and on just what a cool, low-key, all about fun atmosphere that a race like CultCross has.

Last night was my first trip out for the BusStop ride, and I felt "pretty good" considering the completely random amount of riding I've been able to do lately. Of course, I was pissed after we got past Hygiene, and the group decided it was worth risking life and limb (and being "those cyclists" that very understandably piss off motorists) by not just taking up the shoulder and the entire lane, but crossing over the yellow line as well... all to not come out of the draft. Ugh. So as usual when that bullshit goes down, I took my toys and went off on my own. As it usually does, it meant riding 10 miles home in an incessant headwind, making me question my desire to ride the bike... but at least I wasn't part of that nonsense.

The weather looks good for this weekend. Doing some crit racing in Brighton tomorrow, and then avoiding the Roubaix at all costs - a promise I made to myself many years ago.

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