Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I'm alive, really... Prepare yourself for some picture dumps, and fast and furious blogging in order to catch up!

Last month Jessica and I made the trip out to Seattle, to visit my dear friend Miss J9 Fierce, and her awesome, awesome family Nickle and the little ones. It was so great to see them, and to spend a bit of time out of snowy Colorado.

Typical party-time with J9, she picked us up from the airport and we went directly to a semi-pro wrestling match by SSP, at a local bar. It was beyond cool;

The next morning we got up, hit the first of many amazing (of course!) coffee shops, and then bummed around Seattle a bit. We saw Stalin;

Jessica met a new friend that wanted to give her a hug;

And we bummed around the market for a good while, doing some shopping for funky little things, enjoying the amazing flowers, and the incredible food... especially the sweet smell of fresh fish. While we were walking around, I noticed this great individual that was walking back and forth through the market. He was pretty amazing. After watching him for awhile, Jessica did a great job of asking him for a photo, and he didn't dissapoint. Probably my best capture yet, of random insane people. I mean, just take a few minutes to relax, look at the photo, and soak in all that he has to offer. The conversation with him, was more colorful and insightful than any photograph could ever capture.

That night was also Janine's birthday bash, which was sure to rock the house. We took over a karaoke bar - the best part being that the locals that usually spent their Friday nights there, had no idea that 60 people dressed up as the person they were most likely to sing karaoke to, were about to descend upon their bar. So I spent the afternoon making my homemade "Devo hat" out of a cardboard box, before letting 5 year old Damian paint it for me. Jessica was of course going as a Robert Palmer "Addicted to Love girl";

My girlz... including Janine in full Madona garb;

And Nickle went to the back of his closet for the leather pants and his best Hair-Band outfit;

Uh oh... as should happen, the party girl of honor, was having a really good time, with everyone that wanted to buy her a drink. The night was rocking!

Then before long it was time to take J9 home (sorry J9, the photo is just too damned priceless)

After a 4am bedtime, the following day was spent mostly recovering, chilling with friends, a greasy breakfast, amazing Thai food, and hanging out in general. But the following day, we packed up the punk-rock van (still showing battle scars from Friday night) and we were off to Deception Pass for some nature.

Washington is just a bit lush...

We were nearly attacked by sea monsters, but managed to scare them off!

Damien was more than happy to take "dramatic" photos for me, even helping to direct himself and how he would pose;

Sienna was of course happy to join in as well;

And we polished the afternoon off, with a perfect Puget Sound lunch. These little fuckers were swimming just an hour or two earlier, and were so incredibly sweet and delicious. I knew we were at the right place, when the lady behind the counter said disbelievingly, "Really? You just want one pound?". Mind you... this was after I had my fish, chips and hush-puppy lunch at the same place.

Not sure how I didn't get a picture of little baby Stella, but trust me, she is an absolute cutie! We had one more relaxing morning, before we had to hop back on the plane and head back into Colorado. A day or two before more snow was to come. But it was a really great trip, and I can't wait for our next chance to get out there! Thanks guys for hosting us!!!

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Janine said...

Brian!! Just read your blog. I had so much fun with you guys. I can't wait til you move to Seattle with the little lady!! I miss you soooooo much. oxoxoxoxoxo