Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grilling Season

Summer season is upon us, and what could be more Amurican than grilling out on the patio!? Only one thing... grilling out on the patio with your shiny new Hot Rod Grill!!

And "only" $695. That doesn't leave much coin for high-quality hot dogs. Though you better have some money left over, because I can't imagine using this thing WITHOUT the spark plug-shaped cornholders!

Did the first of the Boulder TT series last night, it was somehow my first TT of the year as well. It only took about 30 meters before I remembered how painful TTs are. Mostly the good pain though... at least it helped me sleep last night. And I'm straight back to it, with another TT tomorrow night to kick off the Rocky Mountain Omnium. Should be a good weekend since we'll be visiting the Bergers as well. The weather might make it interesting though...

I hope you're bored... because you should sit back, relax and listen to one of the best radio interviews I've heard in a long while;

"On this edition of All Songs Considered, John Lydon shares some of his favorite songs with host Bob Boilen, and gets in some memorable digs along the way."

Don't be that douchebag that thinks Sid is the singer from the Sex Pistols.

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