Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jessica's B-Day!

The week after Seattle, it was time to celebrate Jessica's 30th birthday! As a special treat for such a big occasion, her good friend Stephanie even came into town to spend the weekend with us.

Saturday a group of us met up for some bowling down in Golden, to start off the day.

Jessica was fully decked-out for the occasion;

Time to gear-up!

Perfect bowling alley lunch (with cheap beer of course)

After bowling, we went outside, where Baker had brought along a little friend in her car... fresh fruit, wine and seltzer.

Which we proceeded to drink outside the bowling alley, on the street in Golden.

And to wrap up the rest of the day, we went up to Blackhawk for some gambling, drinking, and eating entirely too much at the buffet. Good times all around.

That Sunday, we had a murder mystery dinner party at Jessica's mom's house. We had a wide variety of characters, including Red Riding Hood;

And Sherlock Holmes;

Another good party for Jessica! Delicious cake too, but that sure is a whole lot of candles!

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