Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The number of hours I've estimated that I've spent in this dandy little office. Definitely one of the more depressing realizations I've had in a while.

Guess what? It rained again yesterday. But at least I noticed this dude on the way home. I couldn't really tell if he was indeed sexy or not; he had on a full-face helmet. I bet he makes a lot of people mad that they didn't think of that license plate though.

Since it was raining, Neo, Tayler and I were just doing more of our usual chores last night. We were out plucking thistles so the neighbors don't tattle on us, and we stumbled right onto these guys. Of course, the dogs didn't even notce, only I did. Probably a good thing I'm sure.

Then I noticed they were back this morning, a bit closer to the house this time, hanging out while I made my coffee.

Manny, Moe and Jack are bigger everytime I look. Now they notice you looking at them, and you can just sense that they have the feeling that I shouldn't be so close to them. I have a feeling they'll be out of the nest really soon.

Tomorrow is Wednesday... I wonder if it's time for cx worlds to roll yet?

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