Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July Recap

I really need to get back on top of my blogging schedule. Work is just going to have to wait... In the meantime, let's do a full-on, fast-forward recap of July events!

July 4th was our second anniversary, and the gift for that is of course cotton. Being that, Jessica got me an awesome (and very fitting I might add!) tshirt;

A few friends came up to celebrate with us, and have a bit of a party. Good times hanging out and waiting for the fireworks. We had our doubts, since some very nasty storms and cold rain rolled in, just in time for the fireworks in Ned, but we went to town anyway. The place was nearly empty, but that's alright, it meant we nearly had the place to ourselves, and the fireworks, as always, were great! The finale;

July is also birthday month of course, and Jessica was awesome, spoiling me all along the way. It's Jesse's birthday too, and for our fun birthday activity, we decided to go to do some go kart racing! It was a blast, and just so much fun. Especially when I was totally working over two separate guys in carts that were WAY faster than my little rental, by using my superior driving skills and tactics. It was like getting to drive your car, the way you really want to, and without worrying about "abusing" it. I was pushing my cart HARD, but I just wanted the guy running the track to turn his back for a few minutes, so I could risk losing control and really find the limit of the cart.

We got a new hummingbird feeder, and it's very popular with the birds in the yard. I was obssessed for a few days, with getting some pictures of them playing around the feeder.

The battle rages on...

Nailed the pic of this one!

I got out for a nice ride on the single speed, up in Kenosha with Craig, which was a blast.

Craig coming up to the pass;

Perfect day for the ride, and I hadn't done it before... there's not many things sweeter than completely new single track! This one is looking down towards Breck - gotta come back and do the full length to town!

The parents came into town for a week, which was pretty awesome. Good to see them, and we got to do some relaxing, but also a good amount of work. Started with some bathroom remodeling;

We hit up the big Harley shop for my dad, and even made the trip to Greeley for my favorite place, Cazadores. We spent another day in Estes Park, just doing the tourist thing.

Just to make sure the house was as full as possible, we even took little nephew Ouray in, for about 12 days of doggy-camp. Neo and Tayler had a new little puppy to teach, and play with. He was a pretty good little house guest, even with his ridiculous ears;

Jessica was the maid of honor at our friend Lisa's wedding, and after dinner, someone broke out the Slip'n Slide. Not even the bridesmaids, IN their dresses were to be denied a trip down the slide!

July wasn't the busiest month of racing for me, with so much else going on (we won't even get into the "regular job" nonsense), but I did make it out for the Mike Kornfield Crit. The race went pretty well. We weren't psyched with having just Lance in the break that finally established (simply due to numbers), so we worked until we were able to launch Baker across to the group. Baker ended up with the win, and Lance took 4th. I got to do lots of hard digs at the front of the main group.

We had a new addition to the family, after one of the little birds in the yard built a nest in our wreath! I named them Manny, Moe and Jack. It's crazy how much they grow EVERY single day! I can't imagine it will be long until the fly away, and I don't think I'll be able to convince Jessica to let us domesticate them.

The rain we've gotten the past month has been insane. The one positive is that the flowers have been growing like MAD! I've never seen so many at our house, and certainly no where near this many sticking around so long, and living so late into the summer!

Well, now it's August. Let's see if I can actually update this month, and not need to do a full month recap again!

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