Monday, August 9, 2010

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Busy weekend... though we didn't have much planned at the start of it all! Friday I got home, and oddly enough, it was raining again. But I took the time to do some inside work, and finally wrapped up the bathroom remodel. The only thing left now, is returning a bit of the mural to it's "pre-construction state", which will likely take a bit more artistic paint talent than I possess.

Saturday I actually had a chance to sleep in. I was trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do for the day, being very indecisive when I got a message from Chuck looking for some company at the velodrome. Sure, why not... so I was on my way down there, and we had the track to ourselves to see if we remembered how to turn left. Chuck had some racing planned for later that night, and after I got home, I got an invite to come join the racing. Totally unplanned, but too good to pass up. I had plenty of time for Jessica and I to take the doggies to Barker Reservoir for some illegal swimming (more like wading) and doggie off-leash time. They had a blast. After a short nap I was headed back down to the track for some low-key racing. It was good times, even though I was just saying during the morning track session, that I was trying to be good and not cook the legs before the two crit races I had managed to convince myself into doing on Sunday. Oh well... scratch that after 3 hours at the velodrome.

Turned out we also added a 9:30am showing of "The Other Guys" with Jesse and Brittainy, to kick off the day! was going to be a long day. The movie was pretty hysterical, not the best, but still quite funny in it's humor. Just plain good. After the movie I was off to the Bannock crits. I saw this course worker, doing some corner maintenance, with way more than her share of "Cat5 tattoos". How do you even do that, that many times!?!?

The 35+ race was up first, and we had a pretty solid team for the day. Unfortunately, we messed up the finish for the win, but we did manage to take three of the primes, and a fourth place. I about knocked myself out of the race, doing a huge (2-blocks too long) lead-out for Lance to take the one prime. Oh well, always good training.

The P/1/2 race was next, and the field was stacked. It wasn't too bad floating in the second half of the field... that was until the thunderstorms rolled in. It never really rained that hard, but the course was an out-and-out ice-skating rink. In just two laps I managed to avoid at least 5 crashes in front of me, before being forced to chase too long, and then pulling the plug. All through the race, there were still crashes happening, right up to the finish.

This morning it looked like more of the same with the showers coming in for the day;

Manny, Moe and Jack were all snuggled-in for the morning showers, but continue to be noticably bigger every single day;

And now, coming back from lunch, there is a MASSIVE cloud working it's way over the divide, and is looking ready to put the smack-down on us. No worries... we should definitely have our afternoon thunderstorms... for what must be the 100th day in a row. Ugh.