Friday, August 13, 2010

Empty Nest

Gorgeous sunset the other night;

Unfortunately, I think it spurred Manny, Moe and Jack, to move out into the big wide world. They were starting to look pretty antsey, on the edge of their nest;

And before we knew it, they were off! At least Jack stoppped for a minute on his way out, as if to say good by (and thanks for putting the dryer vent underneath the first home he ever knew.

We missed them pretty much right away, and now as you walk up to the front door it just feels as if something is missing, with that big empty nest. Pretty wild though, Jack was sitting near the nest, on the flower planter the following morning when I was headed out the door on my way to work.

Well, there's fresh dirt on the cross bike now. Yesterday was the first day I had it out for a ride in earnest. Always feels especially wild the first day, switching to a "road bike" with a long wheelbase and squishy tires, that just wants to run really fast on dirt terrain. Just in time too, I had my latest shipment arrive of "care products" from the gang at Mad Alchemy. They seem to have something for every weather condition, or skin condition that you may run into!

I know it's not just me, and everyone would have thought math was more fun during school if we used it in such practical matters as finding "God's Number";