Thursday, June 5, 2008


It's apparently time for the monsoon season... lots of rain in the forecast this week. Though when I thought about it, I don't think it would be right if I didn't need to ride the trainer at least one or two nights in the week prior to the state time trial. I seem to remember riding the trainer every year, the week before the race, but at least it's always sunny and hot when the little beeper on the timer tells you to "go". And this year looks like more of the same - clearing up tomorrow, then hot with gusty winds on Saturday.

When it's raining and you are on your bike and still need to get home, you might call your friend to have her pick you up. A lot like these two that I spotted on my journey home last night;

Usually I would have put the bike in the trunk. But these two went for the back seat option. And though the bike had both front and rear quick releases (I checked) they choose not to use them, and instead went for sticking a bit of wheel out BOTH sides of the car. That's okay, just keep the door open, and hold it "somewhat" closed as you drive down the road. Sadly the picture doesn't show that the driver was doing the same thing on her side.

After the trainer ride, watching the hail come down, there wasn't much to do between storms, and the doggies needed to go out. So I brought the camera along to play, with no real goal in mind. Twin Sisters was socked-in;

Tayler was oblivious to the rain, especially while she had a stick of her very own to play with;

At least all the rain means things are greening up nicely;

I haven't even had to water my little grass seedlings for the past 3 days;

The wild flowers are all popping up, and offered up a good chance to play with camera's macro setting - at least the ones that hadn't been smashed by the hail;


Seth Rubin said...

I'd like to state for the record if it pleases the internet audience, my blog post (eerily similar to the start of this one) was recorded at 7:55 AM, a full 14 minutes prior to this posting . . .

Is there something in the water that makes people do stupid things?

I am Brian said...

Hah! Not any more!

Jessica said...

That may be the best picture of Tayler EVER!
The flowers look amazing!