Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Last night Jessica and I were in Ned and I finally convinced her to hit up Wild Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery. It's one of the newer additions to the list of restaurants in town, and while Jessica had been there a few time, I never have. I can never resist a place that has hot pretzels on the menu, and theirs was one of the better ones. I also went with the pulled pork sandwich, along with their Memphis Style BBQ sauce. A nice vinegary, tangy sauce, with a bit more black pepper than is traditional, but I'm not one to complain when anyone goes that route. "Would you like a dollop of coleslaw on top of your sandwich?" Now THAT's what I'm talking about... you know I do! All around it was pretty darn tasty. Plus it was even early enough, and warm enough for us to have our dinner out on the patio, watching the sun set over the divide.

I was looking forward to trying some of their beer as well, but then noticed that they had Avery on tap... and somehow I have yet to try their White Rascal Belgian Wit. And I'm glad I did! It was definitely a tasty beer on tap. I'm going to have to pick up a six pack of this stuff!

Speaking of tasty... pictures are starting to roll out on the 2009 Campy Super Record Groupo! While it's all pretty cool and what not, and definitely makes for some fine eye-candy, I have a hard time getting too excited about it.

I mean... who the hell is going to afford this stuff!? It's listed at 23 freakin' hundred euros! That's 3572.37 devalued American dollars at today's exchange rate! Yeah right... you can buy a fully equipped, ready to roll Trek Mad-One 5.2 Pro! Sure, it's "only" equipped with Shimano Ultegra, so your friends won't be quite as impressed, but only the silliest of riders would find much of anything to complain about with the overall performance.

Speaking of over-hyped marketing and pricing... I was in the store the other day looking for a simple axillary cable. Just a double-ended 3.5mm headset jack cable, so I could hook my MP3 player to my car stereo (yes, finally). With limited time, I popped into one of the local electronics stores. They had just the cable I was looking for, ON SALE for a whopping $22! Yeah, right. I was bummed no sales guy stopped by to ask me if he could help, because I would have loved the chance to ask if they were pulling some sort of prank. I decided to do without the cable and left. I knew another large store had them much, much cheaper (never mind that you can find them for a whopping $3 online!). The next store, all I could find were the same cables, but at the slightly better price of $14.99. I searched and searched, but nothing cheaper. Until I walked to the other side of the aisle, which had cables for televisions and such, rather than MP3 players, and whaddya know? There is EXACTLY the same cable (though slightly different packaging) for $5.99. I guess that means MP3 players are roughly 60% more popular than televisions.

Speaking of getting ripped off... I was amazed during the race on Saturday, that I had lost so much time. I mean, I got dropped, but was riding pretty steady, and at a decent pace. I passed the group coming the other way, and figured the turn around should be just up ahead. Instead, I kept going and going and going. "Holy crap... I must have blacked out, or been abducted by aliens, and have missing time, when I should have been riding" I thought to myself... in between curse words... But then I found out this week that because of cows on course, the main group turned around early! The cows had been cleared off the road when I got up there, and instead, I had ridden all the way to the intended turn-around, adding a whole extra climb (and then some!) to my adventure! Fabulous! It sure would have been nice for anyone to mention that along the way.

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