Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Yep... it's still windy... And while yesterday was a glorious 90+ degrees, today it's much cooler, with a cold wind, and snow in the high country! Despite the cooler temps, it was still pretty nice cruising down the bike path on my way to work this morning. Though it reminded me of the bike paths surrounding Perth. As nice as the bike paths are in Boulder (definitely helped by the fact that you can get anywhere in town on one!), they just don't compare to ones like this - just 3 blocks away from downtown;

After yesterdays visit to the Bus Stop ride, in hot, windy conditions with not nearly enough water, I stopped at the grocery for some liquids. Along my journey, this caught my eye;

...and I threw up just a little bit in my mouth! Good god... do people really drink this stuff!? I mean admittedly, I'm not a big fan of tomato juice as it is... then you throw clam juice in it? Then you throw Budweiser in it? With a touch of lime and salt? Seriously, I think I'm getting sick again. That in no way sounds even possibly appetizing to me. At least no one ruined a REAL beer by putting tomato and clam juice into it!

It's so very close to wedding time, and that means surfing all those fabulous wedding sites for really fun stuff like guest books. I came across the Mossy Oak tuxedo vest a few months back when I was looking at tuxes, and thought it was just plain hysterical (Even though I'm pretty sure I could name several people that would jump at the chance to wear it in their wedding)!

But things took a big step downwards yesterday when I found the "Discerning Camouflage Guest Book"! Umm... that's just downright funny. Makes me wish I was going to a wedding where I saw that on the reception table, just for the laugh. Secondly, I don't feel that I even need to address the fact that they used the word "Discerning" in the name of this product. AND if that isn't bad enough, be sure to check the same page; where you can also get a matching ring pillow, and EVEN a matching garter. I wonder if these items are as popular as I fear on military bases around the country?

And finally today... I think I have a new project in the works!

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