Tuesday, June 10, 2008


For those of you that are wondering, it's Tuesday now, and the wind hasn't let up for a second. At least it's warm (most of the time), and fairly sunny, but bike rides sure would be more fun with less wind. Oh well, without wind and crappy weather, how would you ever appreciate those days with calm wind and warm temperatures?

Speaking of riding... I like my days at work a whole lot more when the view from "my desk" looks like this;

Pretty regularly I have to play courier, and run things back and forth from one campus to another. The bus is fun and all, you meet all kinds of characters, and might even sneak in a nap... but why not go for a little spin and get some breeze in the face to wake you up instead? It's a short jaunt down the bike path to the other campus, and is actually quicker than taking the bus anyway - I'll have to work at that though, since I am at WORK after all! The hardest part of the ride, especially on a nice warm day like today, is to avoid giving into the temptation to just stop and hand out along the nice cool creek.

Speaking of riding... I think I reached my breaking point last night during my fill up at the petrol station. I mean, I hate buying gas when it is $2, never mind when it's twice that! I won't go int the many reasons it's all crap... not to mention that as much as we complain, we still pay less than most of the world for our oil addiction, but still... it's crap. I need to ride the bike to and from work more, especially since I can take advantage of my eco-pass as well, to switch the journey up sometimes. I'd ride every day if it weren't for that 3000ft. vertical wall that I need to climb in order to get home. If it would start being more than 36 degrees in the morning, it would be easier to get out the door on the bike. And coming home, on the days when I need a change, I can ride the path to the canyon, take the bus up to Ned, and then ride singletrack on the way home. I need to also get on that, while our days are long.

Speaking of riding... this past weekend was the State TT. As expected it was warm and windy and boring. I think I'm getting less motivated to keep riding this same course over and over. All the more so when the times were bound to be slow because of a raging wind. Blah. The legs felt good, but getting the power out of them proved difficult, as I wasn't quite as motivated as I hoped. Oh well, I still have fun at that race just because you seldom get to ride a (nearly) 40k time trial.

Sunday Jessica, Alex and myself went down to town for breakfast, and to pick out some new lilac bushes. Hopefully they'll like their new home in our yard. For afternoon fun, Jeff, Craig and Joey came up to join us for some paintball action. It was a slightly small group, but still fun, and Jessica even came out to join us. I've gotta admit, I have mixed feelings about shooting my girlfriend/fiance in the head... but I mean it came down to just the two of us, and one of us had to go - and it wasn't going to be me! But no worries, everyone was brought back to life just in time for some grilling and beer-consumption after the game.

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