Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Not too much going on here... well, work has been a lot like work lately, starting to scramble to get things done for that little party coming up in July, doing spring cleaning around the house, and the usual riding.

Saturday was the ever-exciting Hugo Road Race, so the day began early, getting up, feeding the endless line of pets, eating some breakfast, and then pointing the car east. It was hot at the start of the race, and with with a mostly head/cross wind, the race was bound to be fairly interesting straight away. And it was, there was some pretty constant attacking until finally a sizable group got away. We were nice and attentive, and managed to stick 4 in the break - good news for us! So Joe and I got to work disrupting the chase, and marking any moves. Some chasing went on, but died down before too long. On the southern part of the course, the pace got crazy again, and I always seem to have issues with that section for some reason. Not helped by the gaps that were opening, after closing a couple, I didn't close anymore. Oh well, time to set off in TT mode. I caught one guy and the two of us cranked along quite nicely for a good while, picking up others along the way. Eventually the group got bigger, then got smaller, but by then, I was mostly just thinking about riding the race as quickly as possible so we could get home and go get ice cream.

Sunday I got to sleep in, and have my coffee late. I had deemed it "chore day" and it was a perfect day to be outside the whole time, doing the endless list of things around the house. No matter how much I do, my OCD makes me notice thing after thing that I'd like to change/fix/clean-up, whatever. The best part of the day was that it was indeed one of the first weekend where you really could be outside for the entirety of both days without some crazy snow storm or cold front blowing in.

I recently had another project, this one #0508-H02... after seeing our new house number, Jessica's mom asked if she couldn't get one as well. So I went back to work with the task of making another one, but one that didn't look too horribly similar to ours, and I came up with this;

Next I really need to just finish up that second ramp I was going to make. I have all the materials just laying in a pile, and I need to clean that pile up anyway. Might as well just nail it all together!

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