Friday, May 30, 2008

This Guy Again?

Remember this guy, talking about little grey men? Well apparently even though his proposed legislation is doomed to fail - as it should - he has come out and promised to show a video today which should provide irrefutable proof that aliens are indeed on the Earth, and also happen to be peeping-Toms. I can't wait to see the video, not to mention monitor the chatter on my favorite conspiracy websites! It should make for a busy day!

This weekend it's time to pack the car up again and head off to a much less exciting locale. While only staying for the day (luckily!), tomorrow's race is in Kansas. Ooops, I mean Hugo, CO. You know, most of the way to Kansas, and far from scenic. I guess I really shouldn't complain, I mean it is really nice to have the chance to do a point to point 80-mile road race. Even if it looks like a gi-normous crit course, shaped literally like a big rectangle with flat roads and 4 turns. As usual, it's supposed to be hot and windy. Let's see how it goes...

Speaking of riding bikes... It seems one of the hardest things for people, especially cyclists, to understand, is that riding a bike is definitely cool; being a cyclist does not necessarily MAKE YOU COOL. In fact, most often, it means you are a dork. Calvin Klein apparently doesn't get it. They want you to feel as smooth and confident as this "cyclist" (!?) I mean, look how cool he is!

While in reality a majority of cyclists look a lot more like this dude;

A lot of it is about the individuals perception. Here you have this guy, who has no doubt studied up on his hipster culture and pulled out all the stops. The only thing missing is a man-purse and aerospoke front wheel that has been rattle-can painted to match his frame.

To everyone else, he really looks more like this dude... practicing his skid-stop so that he can impress the lady-folk. That or he's just really, really constipated.

And when in reality, this is probably the only REAL way to look cool on a bike;

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