Friday, May 23, 2008


Not so much windy today, but yesterday was pretty crazy in my old stompin' grounds up around Greeley. I was sitting at my desk yesterday afternoon commenting on the insane and weird formations and activities of the clouds that were flying past my window, heading north. When I went to check the weather I got all kinds of tornado warnings for just north of us and stretching up to Fort Collins and Greeley.

Turns out that there were a couple big ones that touched down in west Greeley, and kind of the "no-man's land" between Greeley and I-25. Unfortunately the little town of Windsor sits in that no-man's land, and it got hit head on by a couple of the tornado's. I know a good number of people in that area from living up there, but then came across one of those pictures on the news you don't like to see because it's someone you know.

The pictures is my friend Courtney, standing on the remains of his mom's house. Luckily he was in the basement and came through unscathed, at least physically. I don't want to know what a house being pulled apart above you sounds like. There was a fair amount of damage in this little town, so keep good thoughts headed the way of those affected.

Now it would just be foolish of me to complain about the worry of riding my bike over a couple mountain passes tomorrow morning, in what is shaping up to be dreadful conditions. But very shortly we're packing up the car and heading out to Durango to see what happens this weekend.

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