Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Tuesday was Jessica's Birthday! To celebrate there were gifts in the morning, cake at work, and then we went out to The Fort for dinner. I'd say Jessica had a pretty good day. Dinner was tasty, we tried the Bison Eggs for an appetizer (probably my favorite bit that night, then I had the "Incorrect Steak" for dinner, while Jessica had the Buffalo Tenderloin Filet Mignon. Dessert was a blueberry cobbler and some tasty espresso to keep me wired for the drive home.

I hope you had a good birthday Jessica, and to celebrate a bit more, we are headed off to the Rockies game this Monday! Give me my hot dog and cracker jacks!

Let's just hope the weather improves by then... 80+ degrees yesterday, and now it's dark as night and snowing... again. Talk about a perfect day to be home sleeping! The view of the flatirons, from where I'm sitting this morning;

Monday night on the other hand, it was finally warm enough to sneak outside for a bit with the telescope. It was clear, but the air quality has been shit lately, but with the weather lately, I haven't had a chance to play with it. So I set it up, saw what should be a planet, aimed up the scope, and look at that! It's Saturn!

It was so cool! I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but it really was Saturn, and you could clearly make out the rings. I was so pumped to find it, however accidental it was, since now is prime viewing of Saturn. I snapped this picture, which came out "okay". Bummer that it has a ghost image on it, but at the same time, this was taken by simply holding my digital camera, in the dark and by hand, up to the eyepiece of the telescope. The actual view was much better in person.

Remember the link I posted about Shell and it's 9 Billion dollar profit this first quarter? This morning Exxon is posted it's first quarter profits of just under 11 BILLION dollars... very nearly a record profit for any company, EVER, in a 3 month span. You know... in case you still needed convincing that someone is profiting from higher prices at the pump. To add salt to the wound, all the media is downplaying the profit angle, and pushing the fact that Exxon predicted it would make MORE, but didn't, and now the stocks are swaying about this morning!

And if you are really interested in saving some money, read this article which further illustrates how W's "stimulus plan", far from helps the people that need it most.

As for Cyrus, well, Cyrus really like people with long hair. Especially his mom. It think we need to build him a nest!

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