Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rockies Game

Monday night Jessica and I hit up the Rockies game, as I got Jessica tickets for her birthday. It was pretty fun, my first time to "Cuur's Field". Jessica was all set to go, dressed up in her sweet new Helton jersey;

Baseball isn't my favorite, but going to games can be pretty fun, plus you get to eat stadium food! I wasn't entirely sure what a "Rockies Dog" was, but figured I had to have one. Turns out it's a foot long dog, smothered in kraut, peppers and onion. And it's entirely too messy, but does an excellent job of destroying your digestive system for the rest of the day;

We had pretty cool seats. Though there were a lot of "season ticket holders" in our section, most of who seemed quite annoying. It was pretty easy to pick out the "regulars" - they were obnoxious as hell.

Is your arm supposed to do that? No wonder these guys blow their elbows out constantly;

The game got pretty tense in the final innings, and the Rockies were swinging for the fence... though without much luck;

Not even a stolen base could help, as The Rockies lost by one run;

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