Friday, May 9, 2008

Little "Grey" Men

It's no secret that most states struggle to find enough money in their budgets to fund important things like health care, infrastructure, and education. But for once maybe tax payers will win, as goons like this are shot down. I would love to see his actual proposal, maybe it's been posted online. In particular I'd love to see his sources regarding exactly what studies have been done determine exactly how emergency workers, government officials and the public should react when the little grey aliens come to visit Denver.

I'm definitely excited... less than two weeks now until The Cure concert at Red Rocks! I've been sitting on these tickets forever, waiting for show time! Crazy that I've lived here for a good while now, but this is actually my first time seeing a concert at Red Rocks. I'm definitely looking forward to it! There is even "part" of a new single out, and it's supposed to be released this coming Tuesday.

Though, no album yet. I have to admit it's pretty lame that they still haven't released the album; it was supposed to come out last June. Now it's not coming out till September, and in the meantime, there is supposed to be a new single released on the 13th of each month, up until September. Well, at least I better have a bunch of new b-sides in the collection by then! Plus, I'm sure there will be plenty of new songs at the concert!

Jessica's mom returned from a trip to Egypt a couple weeks ago, and brought some great surprises back! I got a Shabaria, which is a traditional hand-made Bedouin knife. It's very cool with possibly an ibex horn (but more likely a goat horn) for a handle. She also brought back some great spices for me. They were so potent that I had to put them in sealed containers as the scent permeated the entire house! Last night I pulled out a spare grinder, and put the pepper seeds into use. Wow! They are AMAZING! I love pepper, and I have never even imagined pepper that tasted so fresh and lively. It was astounding really, and added quite the character to my faux-chicken patties last night. Check out the color;

It's sunny out at the moment, but the rain and colder temperatures are supposed to roll in this evening, and through tonight. You know, just in time to soften up the top half of tomorrow's race.

Tomorrow is the Sunshine Hill Climb. Another stupid-early morning, of short racing. 9 miles, about 3000ft. of vertical, and the final 3.5 miles on dirt. Usually traction is the main concern in the dirt portion, as the climb is so steep, any loose gravel quickly makes progress that much tougher. It pretty much dictates staying seated on the climb. Unless it gets really ugly tonight, I don't think the road will do much besides get "goey", so it should be ridable, it will just crush your spirits as you try to trudge along at half the normal pace. And that's all that's scheduled this weekend for racing... a short weekend for sure!

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