Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Now is it Spring?

...Ugh, I think I still taste the peppers from that beer on Friday...

Spring is trying harder and harder to get a foot-hold. It might be gaining the upper hand now, as the afternoon thunderstorms are trying to show their face on a consistent basis. Of course on Saturday, after an evil wake up call early in the morning, it was far from Spring time. I had to make the 8am start for the Lookout Hillclimb down in Golden that morning, and the temps were far from friendly. So were my legs though apparently. They are supposed to be on MY side, but when the starting gun went off, they responded with nothing but angry protest. It was pathetic, I couldn't push anything of a gear, and managed to record my slowest timed ascent of the mountain. I hit up a ride afterwards with Mr. Porter, Mr. Port, and Mr. Walker. Casually cruising around Golden to take in some additional climbing. An hour or so later my legs were feeling way better! A bit late you stupid legs!

That afternoon Jessica and I hit up Seth's Kentucky Derby Party. IT was a good time, with way too much tasty food to sample, and drinks that were way too sweet - and potent. That was the first time I actually watched the Derby, and it had to have been the longest lead-up to the shortest event that you could possibly have. At least the tv announcers were entertaining in their absolute insanity. As I'm sure you've seen, it was a great race up to the part where they had to kill one of the horses.

Sunday it was time for the Rabbit Mountain Time Trials. Not quite as early as Lookout the day before, I was hoping to have some better legs. The individual race went pretty well. I had a little left over power in the legs that I couldn't quite coax out, and I could have gone a bit harder - played it just a bit too conservative. It was strange though, doing this race under perfect conditions... usually it's on the slightly cold and very windy side, but Sunday was warm and still. The first time I've ever had those conditions at that race! The Team Trial was a bit hard to motivate for, as we were the only team racing in our category. But as is usual in this race, I felt way better the second race. I was very comfortable taking my pulls, even after we dropped one teamate and were shelting the forth one who was handicapped by using his road bike, DOUBLE training tires, water bottles and the whole nine. I felt good enough to keep my bikes, and not retire after the dismal performance on Saturday.

How about this? Remember the Cult Cross Races back in March?

Well Onsight Media has finished the video they were making of the races, which will air on the local channels up in the high country. They are pretty cool (admittedly since I'm in there), but how many other cross races have real videos made? I guess it's a good thing I didn't throw my bike at the last single speed race when I was having all the issues with it, since that would have been embarrassing being caught on tape and all;

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