Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Busy Week

Finally a good shot of nice weather, and it looks to continue through the week! Good thing too, because I needed to get some riding, and the schedule is chock-full o' things to do (did you think I was going to say "nuts"?)

Monday I got to ride to work, and it was awesome. 56 degrees at the house, when I rolled up the driveway at 6.30am! It made for the first "comfortable" ride down the mountain this year. I was going into the turns kinda hot, and thought it might have just been the excitement caused by the nice weather, but right at the bottom, it occurred to me that I still had my carbon brake pads in, and hadn't switched back to the normal ones. Today was more of the same, another very enjoyable ride down the mountain, albeit quite a bit more cloudy this morning.

Finally! Today is The Cure concert at Red Rocks! I can't fricken wait! I have no idea what to expect though, since they should have a full album of new stuff to play, that no one has heard yet! I was pumped last night, and was thinking right past the work I have to do today... work!? Screw work, I just want 5 o'clock to roll around so I can get out of here and get to the concert! It's kind of wild too, that my cousin Erin is in town just for the concert and a quick visit with a friend, so I'm even hoping to meet up with her before/during the concert. Crazy since it's been a couple years for sure, since I've seen her.

Tomorrow Jessica and I are off to the Boulder Dinner Theater to catch The Will Rogers Follies! Should be another evening of good times and good entertainment. I might even branch out and try something beyond the Chicken Cordon Bleu at the theater... you know... if I'm feeling wild and crazy!

After that it's home and packing, because Friday afternoon Jessica, Seth, and myself are headed off to Durango for the Iron Horse Classic. I haven't been there in a couple years, and this will be my 4th time doing the race so I'm looking forward to it! Well... that was until I checked the weather this morning and got a look at the current forecast for the passes;

I wonder how well they plow the passes? The thing that worries me isn't the racers so much, "most" racers are hardy and have a decent idea of how to dress for crappy conditions. But this race has over 1000 tourists, many of whom have a very difficult time doing this ride under ideal conditions. Remember, this race is 47 miles with 5700 feet of climbing, and two passes in the 11,000 foot range. Seth and I will be doing the omnium, in theory, which means in addition to the road race, a downtown crit on Sunday, and an individual time trial on Monday before jumping back in the car to race home. Happy Memorial Day!

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