Thursday, May 15, 2008

7 Weeks

Wow... that whole "wedding-thing" is creeping right up on us! Tomorrow will mark just 7 weeks till "D-Day"! Last night Jessica and I were off to the venue for our walk-through, and picking out exciting stuff like napkin colors. At least the meeting went pretty well; I always feel better when we get to check things off the list, and know that we are that much closer to having things wrapped up. And Jessica just plain had fun getting to see the place again, and in particular the sweet bridal room;

The boys get a much-less exciting room, and not even their own bathroom while the bridal room has a jacuzzi tub! My ring also came last night, but apparently Jessica won't let me wear it yet, even though a wedding ring is always a chick-magnet - showing that you are indeed not afraid of commitment.

I'm getting really really sick of waking up in mid-May, with a fresh inch of snow on the ground. Today it's warmer, but very cloudy and pretty rainy. Better weather is promised for this weekend, but that just means I'll expect it to snow again after a few days of nice weather.

I ended up coming across this ridiculous contraption last night...

The "Wine Assistant" promises to take care of holding your wine glass for you, freeing up your hands to wave-about as you over-enthusiastically recount to your friends, the amazing yoga workout you did earlier that week. I have no doubt that the majority of people purchasing this "wine-feedbag" are the same people that wear their bluetooth headset everywhere they go, even though they aren't currently on the phone, but what if someone calls!? They NEED to be ready to roll... not to mention give a visual indicator to all those around them that they are indeed important enough to have such an amazing technological piece.

The Wine Assistant should also serve well to keep your wine a toasty 98.6 degrees (Mmmm... yummy!) as your body heat brings it up to temperature, and it also functions to catch any crumbs that may fall from your hors d'Ĺ“uvre of choice. I wonder if I can develop a similar system that would work on the ubiquitous "red silo cup" for frat-parties? Now THAT would be a hit!

And for those people that think I'm being to harsh on David Millar for being a cry baby, and a rider that I don't really respect since nothing is ever his fault, and that I should applaud the fact that he admitted to doping (sort of - and even then only when backed into a corner with no possible means of escape or denial) and then returned to the sport; I give you his tantrum from yesterday's Giro stage...

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Randy Reichardt said...

Millar didn't even think about it! Just launched the thing. Nice!