Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Do You Have Cooties?

Now you can give your friends Herpes, and they might even smile and thank you!

I came across this great line of plush microbes, and thought they were pretty silly. But some are pretty fun representations of the actual microbes, and plus, I can't deny, I thought it would be awesome to be able to say I gave my friends the clap.

Another week of Spring weather here in Colorado. Saturday it snowed most of the day (though with no accumulation), Sunday was nice, Monday was gorgeous with temps in the mid-70's, and yesterday we had 6 inches of new snow. The rest of the week looks rainy, but at least the weekend is looking better. Good thing too, with two fast, and sure to be hotly contested crits coming up this weekend.

Saturday was the Sunshine Canyon Hill Climb, and that meant an early start to the day. The gun was to go off at 8am. Since it's at the bottom of the hill from me, and the weather was crap, I decided to try the "warming up at home" technique. It went pretty well; roll out of bed, find a chamois, climb on the trainer, drink coffee in between efforts. Then I could change, climb in the car, and drive down to the start. Riding down would have been the perfect option, but it was wet and there was already snow on the ground at the house. Plus, it would have meant riding back home after the race, which would have been nice - again, other than the snow and wet. The race went "alright". Nice enough weather at the start, the paved sections were dry, but the dirt sections were "squishy" and it started to snow at the top. Once dropped from the main group I settled into a steady pace with my pal Mr. Manno for some company. The times were okay, though I noticed several times in the dirt section, that I normally would have been a gear or two higher, but the squishy dirt was definitely increasing rolling resistance. Mostly, I was irritated to finish in 21st spot. Damn.

Quickly descended the canyon and got some coffee with fellow cyclists, while we sat outside bitching about the snow. At least everyone got their effort in for the day, and could relax, even though it was barely 10am. The day wasn't very productive as the weather sucked, but then in the evening I went down to Denver to the aforementioned Mr. Manno's house, as he and Trina were hosting a sushi party. Good times, and good sushi were had.

Sunday it was back to the coffee shop to meet up with Rubin, Reichardt and Rubin's new teammate for a tour of the local climbs. I think we broke-in Seth's new teammate, Tim, good and proper like, with an introduction to a different route up to Peak-to-Peak. And what good introduction to a high-country ride would be complete without a hippy-muffin from the co-op in Ned? The strawberry was pretty good, though I was hoping for blueberry coconut-crunch.

All this talk of riding, but being chained to my desk, has me thinking about getting in a real workout! I came across FitFlops this week, and I think I really need to get a pair!

I mean, read up on this "technology", it really is amazing! I mean, here is a shoe, that you just simply wear, and then go for a walk in them, and POW! You are exercising! It's amazing! A shoe that targets all the muscles that you use while you are walking! I can't believe someone didn't think of this sooner. I used to walk, but then I stopped when I just came to the realization that I just wasn't getting enough exercise out of it... now that can all change!

Seriously... flip flops that literally have a WARNING to be used "progressively" as the exercise generated by walking could be a bit too much strain for some.

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