Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Roller Dolls, Racing, and Frozen Poop

Another weekend, another short two days off from working for The Man. Friday started off with the latest round of matches with the Denver Roller Dolls. One of my favorite Dolls, Jersey Trouble was on fire, and had a great game for the Bad Apples who finally took the win after losing the last two matches against the Green Barrettes.

The refs were on top of their game, and ready to roll;

The fans were in their best outfits and ready to cheer on their favorite players;

And even the little ones were out, enjoying some "appropriate refreshments" and ready for some action!

Saturday it was time for some racing. The crash-fest that is usually Wheels of Thunder was moved to a new course this year. Like the old course, it was wide open, but much less "crashy", and even had a small hill. The real decider was the wind though. Last week wasn't very productive for me on the riding front, so I figured it would take sometime to blow out the pipes, and get the legs up and running, and I was correct. I felt better than expected though, and was able to follow a few moves and do at least my fair share of work at the front. None of the wheels I followed turned into much, and finally the necessary horsepower assembled to ride away from the group. I got gapped one too many times in the wind, and rode in behind the main field.

Sunday was another new course, and fairly similar to Saturday's course, minus the hill. Though there was even more wind than the day before, and it was shaping up to shatter the field. But then, just minutes before our race, the wind died down. A fast course, with a several tuns, but none that required braking, meant that there wasn't much of anything to help cause a selection. So instead we went 'round and 'round at quite a clip - I had about 29.5mph as our average afterwards! After blowing out the pipes the day before, my legs were feeling great! I followed lots of moves, chased down lots of others, and did my work in general at the front of the race. But none of the breaks were sticking, until a small group finally got away with just a couple laps to go. Damn. Oh well, I was happy with the race, in that I felt good and was able to do most of what I wanted, when I wanted.

I came across some funny new products this weekend as well; the first is Poop Freeze. Wow...

Apparently you can freeze your pets poop, to make it easier to pick-up. Great. I like the bit about it being "environmentally friendly" - you know, if you consider using a product just to do something as frivolous as freezing your pets poop, and then throwing away the can, environmentally friendly. It's a step beyond paying extra to make sure you buy poop bags that are color coordinated to match your dogs leash, and come in a handy carrying container that also attaches to the leash.

And then there is the latest television show being brought to us by G4, aptly named "Hurl". A show that challenges patriotic Americans to an eating contest of various Americana-style foods, such as Chicken Pot Pie or fish sticks. The winners of that round move onto the next round where they are put through "intense challenges" such as riding a vigorous gyro-scope or other activity designed to shake up the competitors. If you puke, you're out. If you pass, you go on to the next round. The last contestant standing, that still has a full stomach, wins. -I'm not so sure about setting the TiVo for this one...


Blackie said...

Where in the world do you find all of these crazy inventions/contraptions? And on that note, after finding them, how many of them have you bought? :) Third and final question of the day, what's with the poop obsession?

I am Brian said...


1. The interwebs is a wild and mysterious place, with much to see and experience.
2. Zero... at least, none that I can think of.
3. It sounds like Joey explained "true love" to you?