Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Deer Trail Weekend

Sure, gas was at $3.63 a gallon the other day when I filled up, but we're all making more money, just like Shell, right? 9 BILLION dollar profit in just the first quarter!? That seems reasonable, right?

So after filling up with some black gold, it was time to head off to Deer Trail for some road racing. We left Golden with insane winds at our back, and arrived in Deer Trail with dropping temperatures, even higher winds, and horizontal snow;

But the weather for the race ended up going "okay". The sun came out to keep the temps fairly reasonable and the snow went away, but we still had crazy wind for the entire race. Mostly all head-wind or tail-wind, depending on the section of course. I felt pretty good, but of all places, got gapped off on the last tail wind section. Grrrr... but the legs were feeling pretty good, so I can't complain in that area. Just gotta stay smart in the races.

After racing, it was up to Jeff and Craig's for some party action. And we made it there just in time, as Seth was hungry and needed to reload after a long day in the saddle;

The beer-pong table was in full effect, and a popular item;

Joey showed up and managed to park his Porsche in the ditch. Sure, it cost a lot of money, but that doesn't mean it's high-speed-rated tires are any good at pulling itself out of a water and mud filled ditch. Nothing a little tow-strap couldn't handle though, and it was back inside for more partying!

And with Jessica's birthday coming up, it meant that Jessica was due to have some special drinks to celebrate! Bonnie was even kind enough to hold the shot glass for her! What are friends for?

Craig and Jeff focus on the task at hand...

Even Draven decided he would have a few beers (yes, there are about 5 beers in that box)

And Craig does a little dance to celebrate a successful party;

Sunday was pretty much spent trying to recover from a very long, and very busy Saturday.

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