Monday, April 7, 2008

Another Snowy Monday

Well, it's Monday again... and it's snowing again. I guess if you are going to have a day that has snow, Monday is pretty good. It's usually a rest day off the bike, and you are back inside and back to work, so who cares. Though I can't lie... I would totally prefer it to be 85 degrees and sunny.

After ending up just slightly ahead of midpack in the TT Saturday, yesterday was the Oredigger crit. It was a pretty sweet course, though I was glad it was a smaller field. Basically a roller coaster ride going downhill, with 6 turns or so, then a nice smooth power-climb back to the top, so you could do it all again. The legs felt really good, but after following some moves, and pushing the pace a few times, I was jumped by the move I SHOULD have followed, at a time when I needed to recover.

Patience... must be more patient. It was the first time in awhile I was riding on my own in a crit, so it felt a little strange, but also a nice change. Like I said, it was good because the legs felt really good. Though the race didn't exactly work out the way I would have liked. I did a solid effort at the end, on the front for the last 5 laps dragging around my group, but we didn't quite catch the little group I shouldn't have lost in the first place. It was cool too, that busy, busy Jessica was even able to come out to the first race in a while, and yell at me to go faster.

Sadly, the weather looks less than optimal for outdoor riding, for the entire week...

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