Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Weekend Racing

Time Trial racin' this past weekend, if you remember. The weather was a bit cool, and of course, plenty windy. I felt pretty good at the start, though I knew I would have issues with this course. But at least it was a longer course. I started out conservatively... that is until I did the dumbest thing possible (well, second dumbest, missing your start has to be the dumbest) and I missed the first turn on the course. No excuse really, just a momentary lapse of attention. Ugh. So freakin' dumb. I lost a bit over a minute there, and then spent the rest of the race cursing myself for missing that turn. To say my concentration was off after that, would be an understatement, to say my results sucked... would be just as understated.

At least I had another chance to try and go fast in the Team Time Trial. Randy and Mr. Pink charged up in between races with some tasty brautwursts... their stomachs are definitely stronger than mine.

I made it to about the last 1.5 miles before cracking and coming off the pace. I had done all I could do. But I was pretty satisfied, as I was on the edge for most of the race, but think I was definitely able to help some. I bet we'll get some more team time trial practice in before Rabbit Mountain, and before the boulder TT series starts, and we'll be faster next time.

Sunday my legs were pretty darn toasty, after 34 miles of full-on time trial effort the day before. But going into Ned for some hippy muffins with Jessica and Alex helped give me some energy. Not to mention the warmer weather! So I got several climbs in, and though all those torn muscle fibers from Saturday were protesting with all their might, they gradually gave in, and we all got along fine for several solid climbs.

When I got home, the weather was still way too nice!

So Neo, Tayler and myself all went out walk. More work for Tayler and getting along with other dogs... most importantly with Neo. But she is coming along, and though it's been quite some time since our last walk with everyone together, she was incredibly well behaved. I even convinced the two of them to hang out together!

Good ol' Colorado... 80 degrees the last two days... several inches of snow in the forecast for tomorrow.

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