Thursday, April 10, 2008

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Another day, another dollar... and some more snow... And it was an easier day on the bike, which was good, because the legs were feeling pretty toasty after the last two days on the "harder" side.

So I had some time to do some work around the house. I picked up some wood for Project #0308-S01. Then made the somewhat sketchy drive up the mountain. Please note, 4x8 sheets of plywood do not really fit in a Ford Escape. I always stress driving with wood or other building materials temporarily tied into the car. But I made it up without issue. At first I thought I'd skip it, but I turned around and got the sheeting all screwed on. It came out NICE! For various reasons, including the fact that I have to finish building the deck, I didn't really skate it tonight. Though of course I had to hit it a few times to check it out, and it's sweet! I can't wait to play on it for real! Once the deck is built, it should be all done.

While I was sawing and screwing, the coyotes made their presence known. For once I had the camera with me, and I managed a couple shots. Sorry they aren't better, but I think they came out all right considering they were a good 80 meters away.

This guy stuck around longer than the others.

Before trotting off to rejoin his pals.

The forecast for Saturday keeps getting a little worse. I would definitely prefer for it to be not just warm, but hot. Of course, I guess I would say that any given time, but more so since we have a sweet time trial to do! The Haystack Time Trial features both an individual TT, and a Team Time Trial. We don't get to do too many TTTs, so this should be fun. Plus, the course is on the longer side of things, at about 17 miles, so that's very cool as well. I always prefer the longer time trials. On the other hand, 34 miles worth of time trialing should work the legs over pretty well.

Before the time trial on Saturday though...

It's time for the first match of the year for the Denver Roller Dolls!

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