Saturday, April 5, 2008

April Racin'

After crappy weather last weekend, and a good portion of this week, the skies finally started to clear, and the mountains were showing off their fresh coating of snow.

Good timing too, with a pair of races this weekend - The 2008 Oredigger Classic in Golden. Started off today with the Lookout Mountain Hill Climb Time Trial. Long name, for a short, violent race. I felt pretty consistent on the way up, but that means I should have gone uphill a little faster. In fact, I definitely had a bit too much left in the tank, at the top. Damn. Still waiting for the results to see how they stacked up, but I wasn't terribly happy with the time. I had a good race at this race 2 years ago... and now I've been battling to get back to that time. Tomorrow is a 75 minute crit, and the course looks tough. Basically the course consists of a bunch of downhill turns, and a sharp uphill section. It should make for a long 75 minute race tomorrow...

Meanwhile... in Bahrain, the Formula 1 cars are back on track! It's shaping up to be an interesting race. Ferrari tested at Bahrain in the winter, and no doubt learned a lot as their cars were flying in the practice sessions. Hamilton was up there as well, though gave a scare with a nasty crash at the end of Fridays afternoon practice. But the real big news was Robert Kubica and BMW Sauber... remember his big crash last year in Canada?

Well today he gave BMW Sauber, and Poland for that matter, their first pole position ever! It's the first time in 22 races that pole wasn't held by either Ferrari or McLaren. Massa in P2, Hamilton in P3 - setting up the scene for what should make for a very exciting race tomorrow!

Project #0401-H01
Completed another project. This one was to update the house marker. The existing one was on it's last legs, and the snow shovel, while adding some very nice character, was also nearly the only thing holding up the marker.

Chunk of wood, some sawing, bolts, staining, some hammering, some concrete... and there we go - new house marker!

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