Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stop snowing already!

Yep... 82 degrees yesterday, 40's and 5+ inches of snow (and still snowing) today. I'd be perfectly happy if we only had summer.

If you don't think money exchanged hands here, then I don't know what to tell you. It's really a shame that Saunier pulled out, I've enjoyed watching them race, and especially their consistency with coming to the States to race. Now we get to watch Rock Racing in Georgia. Let's see what they do...

Thinking about buying into one of those quick-weight-loss schemes? Might as well see if The Diarrhea Diet is right for you. I think the article was summed up best with the statement;

"But you can't blame GSK for the public's willingness to accept anal leakage and an eating disorder as the price of being thin."

Do you need to waste some time? Check out Mixwit for some musical fun. It's pretty sweet; an online way to make your own mixed tapes.

Or if you need crave something a little more "aggro", tune into this one;

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