Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stupid Fools Day

Thank Jeebus we made it through another April Fool's Day. I'm all for April Fool's Day, but it's been getting almost unbearable the last few years. It seems like every single news website, blog, and even newspaper now, feels the need to post some retarded made-up story that is so obviously not real. Meanwhile wasting the effort of my "click-finger" which is practically worn out as it is, and the story takes up valuable real estate in the interwebs. JUST STOP ALREADY - that's so 2001...

Last night watching the tele, I was encouraged to not insure anything I own through State Farm. They had this commercial, with some guy complaining about how the high costs of vehicle ownership was forcing him to "drastic" things... like riding his bike to work. He's locking up his bike all dejected, while co-workers (fresh out of their H3 Hummers) skip past him, and make fun of his ridiculous cycling get-up. Sure, they made him look ridiculous, red lycra shorts, and a jacket and tie; but way to discourage people from riding their bikes to work. All while the narrator is telling the guy that if he just switched to State Farm, he somehow should be able to save enough money to afford $3.50 gas for his Hummer.

Annoying story #2... as if capital proceedings are ridiculous enough as it is. This morning there was a story on KUNC about the practice, I mean State Constitutional LAW, that requires all laws coming before the lawmakers to be read aloud 3 times. Apparently back in the day this helped for obvious reasons, like for lawmakers that couldn't read, or the ineffeciency of hand-writing 100 copies of a given law. Great... now it's 2008 and we are still paying people to do this, and wasting the time involved in reading the bills? Nevermind that it sounds like an auctioner reading the bills, so whoever can make sense of what the guy is saying, is beyond me. Just more fluff for lawmakers to fill their time between receiving cash payments from special interests "friends", and evenings with hookers.

Annoying story #3... The state of Colorado was considering doing the logical thing, like most other companies in the 21st century, and eliminating the difference between "sick pay" and "vacation time" and just combining the two. It only makes sense, since otherwise people like me, who never call in sick, get screwed with less vacation time, and a bank filled with useless hours of sick time. It only encourages people to thow on the fake cough, and call in sick from the destination of their choice (gotta love cell phones). So I was happy to see that the goal was to change over to just one bank of combined time, and that the changes (if elected into action) would take place this summer at the beginning of the new fiscal year. Great! Then I got an email the other day stating that whether or not to proceed with the proposed changes would NOT be voted on CALENDAR year of 2008! What!? Apparently "all the necessary information to render a decision regarding this policy has not been gathered and analyzed" yet. What!? All the information is there, it has to be... You've been paying people on the current system for quite some time. And now you are saying it's going to take basically a full YEAR before the information can be "gathered and analyzed"!? I think I did enough analyzing in the 20 minutes it took me to read their website, in order to form an opinion on what would be best for the state, and it's employees... Ugh... what was that? I think I'm going to be sick on the 3rd Friday in June. I can feel it coming on... Jerks...

I must be cranky today, no doubt... so here is a funny picture of Cyrus, just because he's such a goofball;

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