Monday, March 31, 2008

Birthday Time!

Today is Neo's birthday! Woo Hoo! 7 years young. I can't believe he's been making me crazy for all that time. Since the schedules looked ugly today, Jessica and I took Neo out for his birthday celebration yesterday.

We hit up the pet store where Neo got to pick out a new toy;

And he picked out a fancy new "dress collar" as well;

And then, as tradition dictates (and I swear this time he had done it enough, that he knew what he was about to be rewarded with), Neo licked his chops in preparation for...

His birthday ice cream cone from Dairy Queen!

I'd say Neo gets to stay home for his birthday today while the rest of us have to return to work... but then that sounds like EVERY day for him. Bum.

Not just a Monday for the rest of us, but a cold and snowy one to boot. Yeah, yeah... enough of this winter crap already. At least it made for some good photos on my way down the mountain today;

Mountains and clouds.

More mountains and clouds.

The moon and some sugar-coated trees.


Seth Rubin said...

Dog's life . . . seriously, where do I sign up?

I am Brian said...

You and me both... I'd trade with him in a second!

Anonymous said...

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