Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Arrow the Dog

Sure, it's not Friday, but I missed out on my annual St. Patty's Day car-bomb. So tonight I was at the liquor store, looking for something tasty. A New Belgium beer that I hadn't seen before caught my eye. I almost didn't get it, since it was available just in a 12pk. mixed with a couple other beers. Though, it wasn't too hard to convince me, since the mixed box included 1554 and Mothership Wit. No slouches there!

The new beer is Mighty Arrow. It's probably good that I didn't notice until I got in the car, that it was a pale ale. I'm typically not too impressed with pale ales. But I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised by this one! It's got quite a bit of honey in the nose, yet is quite hoppy. Definitely a typical American pale ale with the dominating hops.

New Belgium doesn't put out terribly flashy beers, but they are consistently tasty, and typically have their own take on some classic beer varieties. ...but it really makes me crave another bottle of La Folie... it might be time for a trip to Fort Fun.

Tonight, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman has Andrew in St. Petersburg Russia. I've always wanted to go to Russia, though not specifically for the food. The preview for this episode tells you to prepare to be surprised, and I have to say, there is definitely some tasty looking food there! Way better than I had imagined! I still don't know about the borscht, but it might be worth the trip just for their variety of both mushrooms and pickles.

On a totally unrelated note... the Powertap Zipp Disc Wheel is finally available... if you are rich that is. What a joke... at $3500 for a disc wheel. Sure, it measures power for you, and it's aero as can be, but really!? $3500!? If you use it for 10 time trials a year, for 5 years, that's still $70 per use? And what happens when your PowerTap hub dies? I've seen way too many of those just plain stop working in 6 months time. Everytime I get close to deciding I should buy one myself, I run into someone on a group ride, complaining about their failing $1000 power hub. And you definitely aren't using the disc for training, so you will need to buy another $1000 wheel just for training and road races.

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