Monday, March 10, 2008

Jessica's Best Friend

Today was a sad day. A very hard day for everyone, as we lost Jessica's best friend, and a member of the family.

If you caught my blog about 7 weeks ago, you know that she was diagnosed with bone cancer, and not a whole lot we could do, other than make her as happy and comfortable as possible. It's incredibly hard on everyone that knows Jordan, but Jessica has truly lost her best friend. Jordan was that stable fixture through the time in everyone's life, which is always so complex, when you move out on your own, and are facing the world by yourself for the first time.

Going to the vet today, "Foofie" had an entire motorcade... Jessica and her mom came, Alex in her car, and then me in mine. And at we all tried to take some comfort in the fact that somehow, Jordan's favorite place to visit is the vet. And what better way to go than with so many people!? Amazing how much she loved the vet, even with all that she had been through. Two complete ACL reconstructions, cysts that had to be removed, arthritis... and still, always ready to "run" up those steps so the vet could give her a cookie. The vet apparently has the best tasting dog biscuits if you ask Jordan.

Everyone will miss Jordan for her eternally happy soul. No matter what, she would always be ready with a happy face, and an excited attitude. Jordan absolutely loved to meet new people. And thrived on the way she attracted attention anytime she was in public - just as you would think an incredibly friendly, 170lb., ginormous dog would do. No one could resist coming over to pet her, and she ate it up!

I haven't known Jessica, or this house, without Jordan. So it will be hard to adjust to not having her around. There is a huge empty space without her in the house. And not just because of her size, but because of her personality and the space she occupied in everyone's heart. No doubt, it will be incredibly hard to sleep tonight without her snoring at the foot of the bed.

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Notorious B.I.L. said...

Really sorry to hear about your loss.