Friday, March 28, 2008


Project #0308-C01

A few weeks back, I started a new project. Finally, after much deliberation, procrastinating, and research, I figured out that while my stock car stereo would readily work with an auxiliary device such as an MP3 player, that it would also need an additional input device thingy... which of course costs about the same as a new stereo.

Hmmm... a new stereo... Then I could get something fun; The stock stereo played cds/mp3s on top of your regular radio functions. The new one will also play cds and mp3s, plus has HD radio. Kind of cool. It has a auxiliary plug right on front for the MP3 player, and even has a USB port. Now that's cool! I can just plug in my 4gig flash drive and have a ton of music, plus, I don't have to worry whether or not it's charged like my phone or mp3 player. The radio is also set to go with Bluetooth, so you can run the phone through it, or even stream from your phone wirelessly. Hmmm... I might have to try that out one of these days.

The installation went pretty smoothly. The stock setup;

That's a big hole!

New stereo, installed and already cranking out the Pantera on HD radio!

Project #0308-S01

This one has also been bouncing around in my head forever. Mostly during the winter. We had all this mostly junk wood laying around, and it seemed like I had all the stuff I would need to build a quarter pipe. So, you know, why not!? Especially with a clean garage, I could even skate indoors while the weather is crappy outdoors.

Well, last night apparently was the night, as I picked up the hammer and saw and got to work. It's pretty much all set to go. Even has the metal coping bolted on. All I need is sheeting for it. And I'll likely make a deck for it as well, I just ran out of time last night.

I'm pumped... I can't wait to get the sheeting screwed on and try it out. I think I made it a bit steeper than I had planned. It's 30" high, and the transition is built on a 5ft. radius. I probably should have gone to 5.5ft. No worries. It was also one of those things that just made me laugh, when once I started bolting it together, it turned into something much larger than I had envisioned. It's still way smaller than the halfpipe back in the day. Now that was a beautiful thing... and took up a good amount of real estate in the yard! But it was so very much worth it!

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