Friday, March 14, 2008

Grandpa is Frozen in the Shed

Finally... updates from Frozen Dead Guy Days last weekend. Lots of pictures, so I hope you aren't on dial-up.

Last Saturday morning, Jessica and I drove into town to catch some of the activities at Frozen Dead Guy Days. Up first was the parade. The parade featured all types of herses that made the trip up the mountain for the weekend. There was the flame-thrower herse;

Ones with little touches like this sweet license plate;

This one had a ton of "character". It also had a trailer made from the back half of a second herse, as well as no shortage of blue smoke spewing from the exhaust. I liked it!

This one was definitely my favorite though!

Just gorgeous, and made me crave some grape soda!

This years Grandpa and the Ice Queen followed the herses on their Tuff Shed float

Up next in the parade were the Coffin Racing teams. "The Bobbies" as I called them were good, and had nice touches like forming their "coffin" into an electric chair;

Though the crew dressed as the crew from Napolean Dynamite were easily my favorite. Don't miss Napoleans brother in the right of the photo, being pulled along on his inline skates. Classic!

This little car was just cool;

Jessica and I hit up the caboose for some coffee, and then it was off to the pond for the Polar Plunge. You know its a REAL polar plunge when there are dry suits and chainsaws involved!

Some people had costumes for the plunge, others went right to the bikini.

I think the bikini was a better bet, as once you pop out of the water, you won't have all those wet clothes clinging to you. Either way, most people looked like this kid; straight up out of the water and in a hurry to hit the hot tub!

After the Polar Plunge, we caught some of the Coffin Races. The Jailbait team was making good time through the course;

By this time we had been bouncing around outside for 3.5hours in cold, cloudy, windy conditions, and decided to call it a day and go grab dinner someplace warm down in Boulder.

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