Friday, March 14, 2008

Frozen Dumb People Days

What big social event like Frozen Dead Guy Days would be complete without some serious people watching!? Made all the better when you combine the contrasting populations of Boulder and Nederland, as well as an eccentric event like FDGD!

Gotta start with a quiz. Between the next two pictures, can you pick out the Nederland locals, from the Boulder people? The first person to answer wins a hippie muffin the next time we're in Ned;

This guy, I am pretty sure, is always dressed pretty much exactly the same... just without the frozen grandpa ventriloquist dummy

I hope you don't like bunnies... if you do, you might want to avert your eyes. Someone was mean to this chick and convinced her to buy a new "hat"... I guess you could call it a hat. More like a muffin for your head. But sadly, it was apparently made from the tails of 67 little baby bunny rabbits.

Plenty of goof balls there, including this hipster dufus, complete with the "man-dana" and "CHiPS" sunglasses, convienently placed on top of his head where they are protecting his high-lighted hair and chin fuzz. (The picture is especially sweet, since it also includes the bunny-tail hat)

I wish I had more pictures of people like this... People that thought it was a good idea to remain at the front of fashion, and wear thier flip-flops up to Nederland. Sure, it was "somewhat" nice in Boulder, but that doesn't mean it isn't snowy, windy and cold, 3000 feet higher in Ned. Not to mention more than likely, there would be 4-5 inches of snow on the ground still in most areas. Ahhh... the price to pay for fashion. Unlike the chicks captured in this photo, most of the flip-flop-people tended to be very well dressed in all the latest REI fashions, plus overpriced jeans, their Willy Wonka Sunglasses, and carrying their chihuaua. Even better, were the people trying to walk up and down this snow covered hill, usually in flip-flops. Most of the people quickly turned into out-of-control avalanches of swinging arms and legs, sliding on their arses down the hill, taking out other humans like bowling pins. Of course, that happened to these two, just moments after I snapped this pic. I KNEW I should have been video taping that one!

And speaking of movies... what outdoor mountain festival would be complete without the random cat-lady, dancing all by herself to the garage band playing in the park?

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