Thursday, March 27, 2008

Koppenberg Recon

Yep... it's that week of the year, where the Koppenberg course is subjected to a steady stream of area cyclists, out to see if the hill is still there, if the wind is still there, and what kind of condition the road is in. Where Eskimos have 95 words to descibe different types of snowfall, you could use 95 different words to describe the various conditions of the Koppenberg course. Me, I'll use two; Windy and rocky.

It was all sorts of ridiculously windy yesterday as Seth and I changed into the usual superhero outfits, and rode off for the course. As expected, as we turned onto the first dirt section, our pace was blasted into a crawl. There were some ugly clouds trying to blow their way over the divide;

The road is fine... usual story... dirty, rocky, a bit rutty, some spots smooth, blah, blah, blah. The hill is actually looking pretty good. Rutted as usual, and the typical two lines up, but the lines are wider than they have been in previous years. At the top, Seth gave us the wind sock test, so we could check wind speed and direction. I could go into details, but suffice to say, it's all very scientific;

After that, we clawed our way through the head wind, back to Boulder, for a quick jaunt up Flagstaff. Back down, to find we were totally cheated by the wind, as usual. We should have had the type of tailwind that means no pedaling necessary on the way home, a lovely change from the trip out, but of course, the wind had died down by then.

Pinkerton, Kendall and Neven met up with us for some beer and dinner at a local eating establishment. Everyone rejoiced...

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