Monday, March 24, 2008


And here we are back to the start of another week. Just a four day week for me though, as Friday we have off for "spring break". Just one day off, but hey, I definitely won't complain about a paid day off!

The moon was huge as it descended over the divide this morning. Too bad the light was so flat... it was better earlier, but I that would have meant getting up earlier to catch it!

Busy evening... got some spokes finally, and rebuilt one of my wheels that needed a new rim. I ginally got a new TT helmet to replace my Rudy Project Syton Supercomp. I liked that helmet, no real complaints, but I knew some of the newer ones would fit my position a lot better. And after some testing tonight, it seems like I was right, and it does. Should be worth at least 2 seconds in a 40k... maybe... depending on conditions... or something. Either way, I like my new Giro Advantage 2 a lot! Also gave Clemmie an oil change and new air filter - man that was overdue. And started to clean up the single speed cross bike, in case I get to use it this weekend.

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